What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files that are collected by your browser from websites you visit which are then stored on your device. Cookies are widely used in order to enable website functionality and make sites work more efficiently.

Each cookie is a unique tag which allows us to keep track of visitor numbers, see how our website is used and, in some instances, remember a user (which, for example, means the contents of a shopping basket won’t disappear when you move from one part of our online shop to another). Cookies also help advertisers provide you with relevant marketing materials.

How to manage Cookies

By default essential Cookies are opt in and for marketing and analytical cookies visitors will chose to opt in should they wish. To manage your own cookie preferences please click here. To find out more about cookies, including how to see what cookies have been set and how to manage and delete them, visit

Personal data

Cookies do not contain personal information, they are just a unique string of letters and numbers. Further information on how we protect your privacy, and when and how we use your personal data, can be found in our Privacy Policy at

Types of cookie used by the RSPB

Community Website Cookies

Community Server

This cookie is an authentication cookie

The cookie is necessary for the provision of service

This supports the login system for the Community site and for security purposes.

Authorization Cookie

A Globally Unique Identifier (GUID eg 80FC959D-E916-4C1D-9054-C058450DB32D)

The cookie is necessary for the provision of service

This is used for security purposes.

Community Server-Auto Login Cookie

The cookie is necessary for the provision of service

True/False indicates whether you want to be automatically logged in.

Community Server-Last Visit Updated

This indicates the last time you were here.

Community Server-User Cookie

This cookie was removed.

Blog Post List – View Type

This saves a user’s preference for displaying a forum thread list. This can be disabled via widget code (Forum Thread List)

CS Anonymous

This is optional and can be turned off in control panel.  This tracks anonymous users

CS Roles

This is optional and can be turned off in control panel.  Caches your roles in a cookie

CS Extended Analytics

The cookie is necessary for the provision of service

A guide representing your user. Required for proper web analytics functionality.

CS Extended Analytics Session

The cookie is necessary for the provision of service

A guide representing your current browsing session. Required for proper web analytics functionality.


RSPB website

WAI module, Personalization module

SmartTarget, OME, Content Broker, Dynamic Linking, Personalization Profiling products all use cookies

The cookie is necessary for the provision of service

This is used to identify the users, stores a unique user identifier, session id, hostname, expiration date.

Google Analytics

This helps the RSPB to improve the performance of its website.

Non-identifiable personal data is stored and used to analyse visits to web pages and usage of the RSPB website.


RSPB Images

The cookie is necessary for the provision of service

The cookie is used to provide a service to the user, “add to basket”, “proceed to checkout”. The site remembers what has been chosen, consent is not required for this activity.  To record the duration of visit, this is classed as statistical data.  PCI security standards are adhered to.


On-line Shop

Google Analytics tag

This is not strictly necessary, however, this helps the RSPB to reduce costs by improving the performance of the online shop

Non identifiable personal data is stored, provides statistics as it tracks anonymous site usage.

Magento ecommerce tags

Cookies used are strictly necessary  and are required to provide the service to the user of the site

Cookies are used to track individual customer’s account details and to process the order through the adding to basket and checkout page


Advertising cookies

Online advertising tracking

Third party cookies e.g. DoubleClick

Cookies are Third party cookies from carefully-selected advertising partners help the RSPB to measure and improve its online advertising and, therefore, reduce its marketing costs.

Non-identifiable personal data is stored and used to analyse online advertising by the RSPB.

When an individual clicks or responds to an RSPB online advert or email, a cookie is placed on the user’s computer. These cookies are used to track when and where users have viewed or clicked on adverts, to apply frequency caps, ensure that users see relevant adverts (based on information about their visit to our website and other websites) and to track actions or sales that have taken place.

Affiliate Future cookies to track commissioned sales from affiliates.

Affiliate Future cookies, Flash cookies and Veracitag which stores information in the web cache.

These cookies are necessary for the provision of service where the affiliate is a cash back website enabling users to receive voucher code discounts and cash back on purchases made on the RSPB website.

These cookies are also necessary to allow affiliate marketing to work. It is necessary to track transactions so commission can be paid to affiliates for sales initiating on their websites.

These cookies are used on affiliate websites that sell membership on behalf of RSPB in return for commission. Cookies trigger a commission to be paid to the website that generated the sale (this commission is passed on to the user in the case of cash back affiliates).

Cookies last for 30 days and store the merchant ID, affiliate ID, programme ID, media ID (allows the merchant to see which adverts are working), and tracking ID.

Every click & Give as you Live

Cookies on Everyclick & Give as you live websites are strictly necessary for the provision of the service. These are websites whose service is all about the user giving to charity through either searching the internet or buying goods online.

It is essential that the user enables cookies in their browsers so that any searches / purchases on Everyclick or third party retailers’ websites are recorded and help fundraise for the RSPB.

This service does not require cookies to be initiated from the RSPB website, but it does use the technology of cookies to deliver fundraising on behalf of RSPB.

Cookies collect information about the pages the user views, also links clicked and other actions taken on related websites and services. This information is used to measure user behaviour, websites visited, effectiveness of adverts and web searches. On cookies are used to track purchases on third party retailer websites so that a percentage or fixed donation can then be made to the user’s chosen charity.

We regularly review our Cookies Policy to ensure that it is up-to-date. This Cookies Policy was last updated on 23.11.2020.